Path of the Priestess Training

  Can you feel it?

In the beating of your heart, the butterflies in your belly and in the depth of your womb?
We are living in a time of change, and we women are waking up. We are ready to move away from the paved road and take our own winding path to the essence of our feminine being.

The awakening of feminine leadership from the heart.

It is our divine answer to the call that comes from the depths of ourselves and the depths of the earth.

Are you ready to meet yourself in your deepest shadow and put yourself in the clearest light?

Are you ready to be the change the world is waiting for?

This is a journey for the brave woman who is ready to look at herself at a deep level.

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This training is for you if you ...

- want to root deeply in your femininity
- are ready to open your heart for the whole of existence and become a channel of love

-want to discover and disseminate your own medicine
- know that there is more to life.
- feel the desire in your heart to change your course and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life
- longs for the warm embrace of sisterhood
- live or want to live with the rhythm of the earth and the seasons
- want to love your body and understand what it has to tell you
- want to heal yourself and the collective feminine
- Want to learn what "holding Space" really is.

- You are ready to look in your own shadow.

- You want to step into your personal leadership.


-A priestess is a woman who chooses to live consciously.
- A priestess is a woman who chooses her own unique sacred path.
-A priestess is committed to living in all her colors and hues.
-A priestess serves the sacred circle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.
-A priestess is indispensable in the awakening of our time.
-A priestess is a woman who dares to depart from the paved road to follow her own sacred wild path.

- A priestess knows how to use old customs and rituals in the modern world.
-A priestess is a woman who chooses to connect with timeless, living wisdom.
-A priestess chooses to live life with the utmost determination. In shade and light
-A priestess dances life, not for beautiful or good enough

, but as wild untamed expression of "this is me!"
A priestess, that's you ...

A few themes highlighted

Live your medicine

Solve fears and obstacles that prevent you from shining your unique light. Transform your pain into power and discover how much wisdom there is in your story.


Work with powerful archetypes
Weave with the magic of the sacred archetypes, Maiden, Mother, Warrior, Queen, Sage, Priestess and Goddess to create balance and engage the energies needed to powerfully transform, inspire and create

Healing the fore-mother wound

Travel through time and space to clean up old patterns, pains and limitations from your women's line


We create a warm and safe space of sisterhood for the work we do together. Through your sisters you can look clearer in your light and in your shadows

The collective

The personal work that we do will also heal the wounds of the collective consciousness. All we do is "In a good way, in a medicine way, for the good of all"


Take back your ownership of your voice

What we have to say is so valuable and so important. Our loving whispers and our angry ROAR! We will free our voice so that the world can hear us.



And this is just a tip from the iceberg ...

"I no longer feel the same after my inner journey to Avalon. After the initiation into the Path of the Priestess.
Something big has happened. Something has been transformed. Something has been remembered. Remembered who I am. Remembered what I'm coming to do here. Old knowledge has come to life. Knowing deeply. I came home. A lot of old burden of lives fell away from me. I truly died and was born again through this deep inner journey and all the profound rituals in this sacred old place in Avalon.

I am now back in the Netherlands. Back to work.
It looks like I'm doing the same thing but nothing is the same anymore.
I no longer fit in old structures., never did, but now it certainly does not fit me anymore. I can no longer participate in the illusion, in the paved paths. In the box of the mind. In a fear-based life.

The fear seems to have disappeared for now.
The fear that others think of me. The fear of judgment and rejection. The fear of not belonging. The fear of shortage ...
But above all the fear of my own strength.
That fear was the greatest.

Wow what a powerful awakening"

Marianne van den Haak

The training

During the training we will guide you through your personal process to discover and awaken the priestess within yourself; so that you can walk your sacred path and do what you came to eath for.

For thousands of years, women have been walking this Path of the Priestess in sisterhood. It is a path full of authenticity, dedication, strength, vulnerability, healing depth and growth. Through the dark and the light.
It is incredibly beautiful, but not always easy. During the training you will be supported by close sisterhood and professional guidance.

The training is based on practical experience, knowledge and personal development. We use a mix of different techniques, ceremonies, therapies, dance, bodywork and trance. We perform the exercises in groups and you will also receive exercises for at home, so that you will fully experience everything you learn and share. This method will offer you insight into the depth of your process and, above all, into the wisdom that you carry with you.

During the training we will dance a lot, because in dance your most sincere self can be expressed. You will be able to throw off your masks and come to who you really are under the veils of fear and judgment.

A few highlights

- The Wild Womb Wisdom ceremony
- Learning to trust, honor and love your body
- Free your inner temple priestess in the temple night
- Move in your body and  your life
- Learning to set up rituals and ceremonies
- Regaining confidence in other women
- Working with the inner child
- Rebirth
- Earth magic
- Power in vulnerability
- Authentic presence
- Leadership over your own life.
- Welcoming emotions in full awareness
- Medicine dance

- Turning your pain to power
- Sacred Song Circle
- Fire ceremony
- Water temple ceremony
- Initiation ceremony

"Becoming a Priestess ... a journey of remembering and courage.
Remember that everything is already in you.
As I marched the path that took me into the depths of my being.
I was allowed to see, know, accept and embrace who I am.
As I walked through that inner forest, I felt my shadows, scared but willing I  faced  what needed to be healed and placed in the light.
It was hard to break those invisible chains that kept me small.
but I did not have to do this alone, those women who were there to held space for me believed in me.
I discovered Sisterhood.
It is good and real.
I came back through rituals, singing, dance, connection, immersed in ancient wisdom.
Initiated as a priestess.
A woman of inner knowing. At home in itself. Rooted in Mother Earth and connected to life. "

Deborah Monsieurs



The first part of the training consists of an online training of 4 lessons in which we prepare you for the live weekends.

Data: Online

1 Feb - lesson 1
March 1 - lesson 2
April 1 - lesson 3
May 1 - lesson 4

Live Retreats

4 & 5 April (Noordwijkerhout Saturday from 10-17 Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00)

9 & 10 May (Noordwijkerhout Saturday from 10-17 Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00)

July 4 & 5 (Noordwijkerhout Saturday from 13-21 Sunday from 11:00 to 15:00)

29 August 30 Noordwijkerhout Saturday from 13-21 Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm)

September 16-19 (Glastonbury UK) Wednesdays 2:00 PM to Saturday 3:00 PM)

There is a payment plan available, contact us for the possibilities


- 4  Online lessons

- 4 Retreat weekendsdays

- 4 Days initiation journey in Avalon

- Online Sisterhood

- Community Membership


€ 1888


- 4  Online lessons

- 4 Retreat weekendsdays

- 4 Days initiation journey in Avalon

- Online Sisterhood

- Community Membership

- 4 Live of Skype coaching hours

- Online  support after each weekend

Excl. Transport to Noordwijkerhout & Glastonbury, lodging. In Noordwijkerhout lodging is €8,- per weekend en in Glastonbury   €20,- a day. Meals are Potluck

Emelie Manawa

Emelie is a source of inspiration and creativity. She dances through life and makes everyone dance with her! Barefoot! Before you know it, she will take you, wandering across the earth on pilgrimages where you will find your inner priestess and inner worrior again. She is a professional therapist and a creative coach who will inspire you to explore yourself in your deeperst depth. During her workshops Emelie embodies femininity, sensuality and playfulness. With her transforming fire she touches you deeply and enters a heart-to-heart connection. She loves nature, passionate Hakas, laughter and singing by campfires.

Margo Awanata

Margo is a mentor who is not afraid to go into the shadows with you. She enters into a deep connection with the women with whom she works and lets them feel that in the safe space that she offers they can really go into the depths where transformations can take place. She manages to take everyone to a higher level while she is firmly on the earth with both her legs. Margo is like the loving earth mother who cherishes and feeds and at the same time shakes off all false beliefs and excuses. She brings her teachings with humor and depth.

Margo is an excellent role model and empowering guide, a priestess with extensive experience in Tantra, shamanism and many other paths. She is an expert in creating a sacred space where all participants feel safe in their strength and vulnerability.

"Dear women ... ... who might consider following the path of the priestess, I followed the path of the priestess in 2016 and I can honestly say that it has changed my life in a very positive way!


On the one hand, it is a very personal path to deep layers in your own soul and in the motivation of life. It's about learning how to be thankful and about learning how to take charge of your own life. It is about no more nonsense, no more excuses and become your most powerful self without shame or embarrassment!


It's about believing that everything that makes you who you are is beautiful and has the right to exist. All your weaknesses, fears and deficiencies are just as welcome. as your beauty and your strength. It is about believing that these things make you who you are and are part of this wonderful unique and authentic person that you are.


Another major part of this path is the creation of this deep and empowering connection with all these beautiful women. Sisterhood! It is about breaking free from the competition that we women sometimes feel against each other. You learn to love each other without judgment and support each other in becoming the beautiful and powerful woman that we are all!


Margo and Emelie create a safe and warm environment where everything they offer is an invitation and you have the freedom to take every step in your own time. They believe that everyone must walk a unique path and that it is all about learning how to be true to yourself


I would really recommend the path of the priestess to every lady and everyone who chooses to take this path so much love and pleasure on this wonderful journey! "


Wendy Brugman, Ghent, Belgium

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